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Gratitude for a Bountiful year

I have oceans of gratitude for all of you who supported this Wild Dream of starting a farm based seed company...that also grows medicinal herbs and tea blends...and that this year opened up to welcome people of all ages to the farm to learn together, sit in circle, and create from the land around us.

Thank you for choosing to buy seeds from me. Maybe we chatted at a farmers market or perhaps I mailed you seeds across the continent. Maybe you bought them off of a seed rack at your local nursery or perhaps you came and picked up your special packets in the black tub at the end of the gate here at the farm. Thank you for trusting that these seeds would grow well for you.

If you came to the farm for a workshop this year, thank you. It was an experiment and I had no idea if people would show up. And you did! Many dear friends as well as people I have never met came here to create, enjoy one another, and be filled up with the wonders that come from people gathering around plants and their many gifts.

I am honored to offer these small but mighty seeds to your gardens, your kitchens, and your memories. I hope you'll continue to support this endeavor to connect community to one another and to the earth by growing seeds, healing plants, and connection in the coming year.

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