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From a Blackberry Thicket to a Seed Farm

Wild Dreams Farm, a shy two acre piece of land on Vashon Island’s west side, is lovingly tended by me, Jennifer Williams, alongside my family and my friends. Over time this piece of land has transformed from a blackberry thicket to a market garden to a lavender farm to a homestead and finally today, to a biodiverse food, medicine and seed farm. I am always learning and changing and this land reflects my evolution of heart and inspiration.

The vision of Wild Dreams Farm is to ensure abundance and biodiversity in our culture and in our food system for generations to come by growing food and medicines and by breeding open pollinated vegetables, herbs, and seeds which nourish our human and more than human communities.

Bringing our hands back into the seed’s cycle of life can be a transformational experience. It was for me. To watch the plants grow and express their uniqueness throughout their entire life cycle-from germination, to leaf, stem, and root growth, to flowers and pollination, then to seed ripening and drying down-feels like a miracle to me. To open a seed pod and have an abundance of big or small or purple or brown or almost invisible seeds fall into my hand never ceases to amaze me. 


Wild Dreams Farm Values

  • Tend the land with respect for all life

  • Give back in Reciprocity

  • Re-culture and restore relationship to the land and to each other through food and seed

  • Educate and re-skill growers of all kinds to the art and age-old practice seed saving and home based plant breeding

  • Connect the past, present and future through seed

Connect to the Earth

My greatest hope is that by growing food, herbs and medicine, and seeds on this farm I can reconnect myself and my community to right ways of living, giving, and connecting with the living world. Small scale farming in peace with the soil, the creatures, and the earth is what I do to contribute to the movements for climate justice, racial justice, and to re-root myself and our culture back into the earth.

I recognize that my privilege as a white settler afforded me the opportunity to purchase land on Vashon Island, begin farming here almost 20 years ago, and continue farming this land today. I thank the many courageous black and indigenous and people of color for teaching me about the past and present impacts of western colonization. It is my responsibility to look for and act in ways to begin to repair the wrongs done by colonization and slavery and attempt, in imperfect and humble ways to give back. To this end, this farm pays Real Rent to the Duwamish Tribe. Find out more here and begin paying your fair share.


I also look for ways to engage and fight along side people of color for liberation, freedom, peace, justice, and a livable planet for everyone.

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