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Our Return & Shipping Policy

Return and Exchange Policy:

I want the seed you buy from me to perform wonderfully for you!  Quality seed is our highest priority. Please contact me if you are unhappy with your seed in any way.  Refunds may be given on a case by case basis.  I cannot refund shipping charges.

Shipping Policy:

I ship using USPS only.

Shipping rates:...

To be determined!

Important to Know 

Seed Growing Practices:

The folks at Wild Dreams Farm never use pesticides or herbicides or chemical fertilizers of any kind.  So far we are not Certified Organic but that may change if it becomes important to you- our customers.  Please let us know!  

All of our seed is grown with the proper isolation requirements to maintain the genetic integrity of each crop.  AND this is an incredibly biodiverse farm and unintended cross pollination can happen.  Also, seeds are living beings who carry thousands of years of genetic material so at times you might be so lucky to observe a different expression in color or size or shape of the crop you grew.  Celebrate!  And if you are unhappy with your results, please contact me.

Germination Rates:

I use a lab to test the germination rates of all of our seeds and would never sell seed that fails to meet the Federal Seed Act germination minimum.  Most of our seed FAR Exceeds these minimums.  If you would ever like to see the germination report of a particular crop I am happy to provide that information.  


Any other questions or concerns?  Please contact me at

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