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Winter Seed Dreaming

Greetings Friends,
The image above is a visual conception of the two spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy taken from the NASA website. Lovingly surrounded by darkness for many hours of the day, I find myself thinking of the Cosmos.  It helps me to remember what a complete miracle it is that I am alive on Earth this day, this year, this lifetime.  That there is so much we don’t know and can’t control.  And there is so much we think we know but surely have it wrong.  
Adding to this cosmic miracle is the fact that I steward a small piece of earth, our planetary home, and that every year around this time I dream and vision the seeds I will start, the plants I will grow, the harvests I will share.  
The spiral is a big deal to me.  The farm logo is a spiral.  I am drawn to ancient hieroglyphics of spirals from around the world.  I often doodle spirals and make them out of stones, shells and corn seeds.  This sense of movement, of rhythm, of always slowly or quickly expanding only to spiral back in and contract again, then slowly outwards…on and on for eternity.  I like to see that the Universe likes a spiral as well. 
Every year there is a bit of a different theme or curiosity that guides my planning.  Who in the plant world do I want to get to know more deeply?  What plants or varieties have been in the periphery of my view, circling around, and wanting to be pulled in to this year's lists and plans?  And finally which plants can I not live without?  What harvests do I feel committed to?  

This year for me it’s deepening collaboration with herbal medicine plants.  Along with the delicious Snap Peas, the rich Butterhead lettuces, and the pungent Zebrune Shallots I plan to grow out for seed this season, I am planning for more herbs.  I circle around this idea of who and what is an Herbalist all the time.  I try to let go of the qualifications, classes, and ideas I have about who and who isn’t an herbalist and aim to define the role for myself as just a person who likes the plants.  It doesn’t have to be more than that. I  know that the herbs call my name and I do my best to answer.  This year I plan to start and grow more plants to get to know them for medicine both physical and energetic.  This means I will likely have more and varied herb seeds to offer up next year!  
What are you dreaming up this season?  I hope you can take some time this chilly weekend to plan out your garden dreams. 
What is calling you? 
What plants are spiraling around you, wanting to be included?  
What plants can you commit yourself to this season? 
I hope the photos and descriptions on the website might provide some inspiration.  
With tea and notebook in hand,

Please enjoy this wonderful poem that inspired this blog post today.
Widening Circles
written by Rainier Maria Rilke
Translated by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows
I live my life in widening circlesthat reach out across the world.I may not complete this last onebut I give myself to it.
I circle around God, around the primordial tower.I’ve been circling for thousands of yearsand I still don’t know: am I a falcon,a storm, or a great song?

HERE is a link to hear Joanna Macy read this poem 

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