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Wild Dreams Kale

Wild Dreams Kale


Brassica oleracea 


30 days baby leaf, 65 full size.


Plant in early Spring or in late July for a Fall and Winter Harvest. This kale what started off my seed love and plant breeding experiments!  From a wonderfully fun kale breeding project about five years ago with Ryan Wheeler this variety emerged from many different winter kales that cross pollinated for three seasons in a row until the genetics mostly settled on this leaf shape and color. This kale grows best as a winter kale as it gets sweet and bounces back after a frost, holds well through the soggy winter months to emerge strong in the Spring with new growth and abundant florets for seed production and snacking. This kale has naturalized on Wild Dreams farm and pops up everywhere producing a marketable crop that I do nothing to start. They grow when they are ready and I thank them every day! Original seed from a genetically diverse population from Wild Garden Seeds.  My first original farm variety pledged to the Open Source Seed Initiative.  For more information about open source plant breeding click here.


2 ounce packet contains ~250 seeds

5 ounces-$8.00

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