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Utopian Ultracross Collards

Utopian Ultracross Collards


Brassica oleracea


These Utopian Ultracross Collards have a great story.  A genetically diverse collection of Collard varieties was originally grown at the home farm of the Utopian Seed Project in North Carolina where over 20 types grew and cross pollinated to become what Melony Edwards named the Ultracross Collard!   This effort is part of the Heirloom Collard Project and the work of many growers, chefs, and gardeners to reclaim and reivigorate Heirloom Collard varieties and raise up the cultural importance and respect for Collards. 


In their own words: 

The Heirloom Collard Project is working for the recognition and respect of Collards as a key component of American food culture so their seeds and stories will never be forgotten.  


The seed I offer started from the original Ultracross and is the first that I know of to be grown for seed in the Pacific Northwest.  This generation grown at the farm was wonderfully delicious and diverse in color but all had wonderful collard texture and flavor.  They overwintered well and produced tons of hardy seed to be shared!   


25% of the profits from this variety will be redistributed back to the Heirloom Collard Project.  


Direct sow or transplant in early Spring for a Summer crop or mid Summer for a Fall and overwinter crop.  Both are Fine!   70 days to maturity.  


Packet contains 100 seeds

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