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True Magenta Chard

True Magenta Chard


Beta vulgaris


Mild tender flavor this has been called the Chard for people who don’t like Chard!  With stunning color and delicate flavor this newer chard variety is sure to please.  Bred locally by many hands over the years and finished by Katie Jagger at the Organic Seed Alliance.  This seed comes to me from Saltwater Seeds, a seed company in Chimacum and Sequim started by Katie and two farmer friends.  I am grateful to be able to sell True Magenta as I wait for my own seed crop to mature in 2024.  


Direct sow or transplant April-September as Chard is a three season crop in the Northwest.  Chard likes a bit warmer soil so I wait until late April or early May so they really get going quickly.   65 days to maturity.


Packet contains 150 seeds

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