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Trionfo Violetto Pole Bean

Trionfo Violetto Pole Bean


Phaseolus vulgaris


This purple pole bean is my favorite purple bean I’ve ever grown.  I trialed purple beans several years ago and this type from Uprising Seeds were the clear winner.  Now I offer them to you!  The plants are beautiful, with large dark green leaves, an abundance of dark purple flowers and long slender purple beans.  They are so happy here in the Northwest and easily cover my 8 foot tall trellis with abundance.  The flavor is superb both raw and cooked for all of your favorite bean recipes.  Pick regularly and you will be rewarded by this generous plant. 


Sow seeds when soil has warmed in early May.  Thin to 4".  These need a trellis as tall as you can make one!  65 days to maturity


Vashon Seed Grower Network variety:  Grown at Pacific Crest Farm


Packet 1 oz ~ 50 seeds




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