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Saltwater Spring Sprouting Broccoli

Saltwater Spring Sprouting Broccoli


Brassica oleracea


This variety is a combination of several different types of Spring planted sprouting broccoli, all with locally adapted broccoli parentage.  Makes many sweet tender side shoots rather than one large head.  Ready for harvest sooner than heading broccoli and produces over a long period of time.  I eat most of my Spring Sprouting Broccoli raw as the flavor is mild and sweet but the side shoots lend themselves well to stirfries and quick sautes.  This seed comes to me from Saltwater Seeds, a seed company based in Chimacum and Sequim.   If you have never tried Spring Sprouting Broccoli I highly recommed it!  


Direct seed or Transplant out mid March.  Space at 12"-16" to give them some room. 

40-45 days to maturity.  


Packet contains 100 seeds 

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