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Retriya Soup Pea

Retriya Soup Pea


Pisum sativum


Soup peas are an important staple food crop in the Northwest.  They love our long cool Springs and reliably dry down to delicious storable protein by mid to late August.  They usually require very little irrigation.  And though I love dry beans, as far a climate resilient crop for our our region, soup peas are my number one.  I have been trialing different soup peas for 15 years and love it when I come across a beautiful, boutiful, delicious variety.  Retriya is large, speckled, reddish brown soup pea grown from seed I purchased through Adaptive Seeds. This heritage variety from Eastern Europe is on the Slow Food Ark of Taste list.  Use in soups and stews as you would dry beans.  Grows well in our cool Spring-gets 7-8 feet tall with wonderful tricolor flowers.  Needs trellis. Rare.  100 days to dry pea


Direct sow in the cool soils of March,  Thin to 4”. 


Packet contains ~50 seeds




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