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Queen Lime Rainbow Zinnia

Queen Lime Rainbow Zinnia


Zinnia elegans


A mashup of the Queen Lime series, this is cross between Queen Lime Orange, Red, and Blush. This mix has a diverse and beautiful range of colors, head shapes and petal arrangements for show stopping results..  A favorite in bouquets.  Harvest twice a week for continuous blooms.   Breeding Zinnias is becoming quite popular and I love it!  Start with a diverse zinnia mix where you see some colors and shapes that you love.  Then, over time, as you choose which flowers to save seeds from based on the colors and petal arrangements that YOU love you will shape the variety just to your liking.   Saving Zinnia seed can be tough on plants grown outdoors.  For best outdoor results transplant them as early in May as you can then mark the first flowers to save for seed.  Harvest for cut flowers after you've left 25-50 stems to go to seed.  Or grow them under cover, protected from the Fall moisture and rains, and you'll be harvesting seed well into October.  


Direct sow or transplant in warm soils of May.  Seed ¼” deep and thin to 12”.  80 days to maturity


Packet contains ~40 seeds


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