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Purple Reign Sprouting Broccoli

Purple Reign Sprouting Broccoli


Brassica oleracea


While overwintering broccoli is straighforward to grow, the trickiest part is remembering to seed your Late Winter/Early Spring food crops in the heat of July and keeping the plants watered when you put them out.  But you will be well rewarded once you get the rhythm down.  This seed is grown by Saltwater seeds and say this about Purple Reign: This variety has been selected by Organic Seed Alliance for cold hardiness, sprout quality, and productivity. This was originally a wide cross between commercial varieties planted in a trial at Midori Farm many years ago. That winter saw a hard cold snap, many of the plants died, but the survivors were the original parents of this diverse overwintering sprouting broccoli line. Many thanks to everyone who has put work and love into this OP broccoli


This seed comes to me from Saltwater Seeds, a seed company based in Chimacum and Sequim.   If you have never tried Spring Sprouting Broccoli I highly recommed it!  


Seed in a greenhouse or directly in the ground in July. Plants should be spaced or thinned to 18" apart. Plants will overwinter and produce sprouts starting in April.


Packet contains ~50 seeds 

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