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Olympic Mullein

Olympic Mullein


Verbascum thapsus


Also called Greek Mullein, it took me years to get one established here at the farm. I would see them all over and think “Why don’t you want to live here?” What do you need? It turns out Mullein doesn’t need much! I was probably over watering and over pampering. They prefer clay and disturbed soils over rich composted beds. Once I started the seeds, planted a dried out and almost dead start, I finally got them to grow here. I love the tiny blooms with a bit of orange in the center. The tall spike of flowers and the soft fuzzy leaves are a treat for all of your senses. Mullein will self sow. Biennial.  


Start seeds in early Spring by pressing lightly into soil- do not cover- and transplant out when you have four to six fuzzy leaves.


Please consult your favorite herbal resources for more information about the medicinal qualities of Mullein.


Packet contains ~200 seeds

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