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Monachine Pole Dry Bean

Monachine Pole Dry Bean


Phaseolus vulgaris


This dry bean, originally grown in the Northwest by Italian professor and food lover Angleo Pelligrini, has become a bean of legends.  In true deep culture seed style, this is a bean that travels with a story.   Part of the story I know comes from a Seattle Times article by Nancy Leson from 2013.  Read the article here if you are interested! 


There is a Vashon connection as well.  These seeds traveled hand to hand among bean lovers in the Nothwest starting in the 1960's.  Margaret Hoeffel, who has organized Shoulder to Shoulder cooperative farm at Vashon Co-Housing for almost 20 years, received a handful of these beans from a friend in the early 2000's.   Hoeffle passed them to sustainable agriculture advocate Mark Musik who then passed them to Rob Zimmerman, owner of the Herb Farm restaurant.  Zimmerman both grew them in the gardens and put them on the menu making them more widely known.  

I recieved my bundle of Monachine's, meaning "Little Nuns" from Island Bean Queen and dear friend Dana Illo.   I now sell them and also offer them for free in our annual Island seed swap each February.  Passing them on makes me feel like a tiny bit of the story.  So please grow them, save some, and pass them along to a fellow bean lover!


Direct sow when soils have warmed in early May.  Thin to 4"  85 days to maturity


Packet contains ~ 60 seeds



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