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Hairy Bolivian Pepper

Hairy Bolivian Pepper


Capsicum pubescens


Days to maturity: 70


This is an incredible pepper. The seed was sent to me from a great seedkeeper friend from Ireland, Wayne Frankham so they are near and dear to my heart.  Also I've found when grown in a hoophouse or under cover-they can perennialize. The Hairy Bolivian is one type of a species of pepper that originated in the high elevations of Peru and surrounding regions. The species name pubescens means hairy and refers to the leaves of the plant.  They withstand cold temperatures well and continue to produce these small but spicy little gems all through the winter. I harvested about 50 peppers in January from my hoophouse.   They will not make new flowers in the cold but prune them back in February and they will regrow in Spring. 


Rare: Packet contains ~15 seeds

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