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Scrophularia nodosa


Tall spikes dotted with tiny brown / maroon flowers that turn to green pods.  Primarily used as filler in bouquets.   Very unique smell like smoke or leather. Bees LOVE this plant! 

Here's what flower farmer Alyssa O'Sulliavan has to say about Figwort, "I see the most bees on the Figwort I've ever seen on any plant in my garden! The figwort hums on a sunny day. I harvest for bouquets when the pods form, and stems last a very long time in the vase. Reseeds very readily and will fill in it’s space in the garden. 12” spacing. I cut back each winter to a few inches and they’re some of my first plants to begin regrowing in the spring."  Perennial.  Will flower the first year if planted early.  


Grown by Alyssa O'Sullivan at Sweet Alyssum Farm on Vashon Island. 


Start seed indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost; sow seeds indoors in trays and transplant once weather has warmed.


Packet contains ~200 seeds




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