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Dazzling Blue Kale

Dazzling Blue Kale


Brassica oleracea


35 days baby leaf, 70 days full size


Stunning and delicious, Dazzling Blue Kale is a great addition to your garden.  Leaf color ranges from dusty blue to purple with a purple rib.  Tastes like other Lacinato types but with the fancy purple flair!  Plant in Spring or late summer for a nice fall crop.  Very cold hardy.  Bred by Hank Keogh of Avoca Farms.  OSSI Pledged variety.  To learn more about open source plant breeding click here!


Vashon Seed Grower Network variety:  Grown by Ryan Wheeler


Packet 1 gram~ 250 seeds- $4.00

              4 grams- $8.00

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