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Cultivating Wonder:  A Writing Workshop with Catherine Johnson

Cultivating Wonder: A Writing Workshop with Catherine Johnson


Saturday, June 1st  10am-3pm


What is the braid we might weave between our inner and outer experience, between place and self, between self and community? Where do we find inspiration? How do we cultivate wonder? In this workshop we’ll use observational journaling and proprioceptive writing techniques to explore these questions and generate new material.  We will take time to slow down, attune our senses, and discover our associations, reflections, and feelings in response to our surroundings. These pages will then serve as a seedbed for new poems, essays, creative nonfiction, or fiction pieces.


A Blank journal will be provided.  Bring your own writing instrument(s) pen or pencil, colored pencils optional, but quite delightful.  This workshop is limited to 10 participants and is open to any level of writing experience: beginners, wannabes, and not writers are as welcome as published authors. Writing is most often a solitary endeavor, writing in the supportive company of others can wake up our discipline, elevate and cross pollinate our work, and be, well, just plain fun. 


Cost including materials: $85.00


All workshops take place at Wild Dreams Farm and Seed and include a farm grown lunch, tea, and a farm tour.  


As part of our commitment to inclusivity and equity we are offering BIPOC scholarships for each workshop.  There is no application- only a desire to attend.  Please email  jennifer@ to claim your spot. 


About Catherine:

Catherine Johnson is a retired educator, who devotes her time to writing, farming, and serving her community. Her writing is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, the sorrows, and joys of being human, and the sudden discovery of everyday miracles. Catherine is a published essayist and poet. Her 2018 Memoir Finding Mercy in this World received the Sarton Women’s Book Award. She lives with her wife of 35 years on Vashon Island, WA.







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