Buckeye Bush (ish) Dry Bean

Buckeye Bush (ish) Dry Bean


Phaseolus vulgaris


80 days to maturity


The small seeded yellow bean has a wonderful, bold creamy flavor.  Buckeye is not quite a bush bean but not at all a pole bean.  The plants get 3-4 feet tall so some staking is preferred but not required.  I stake them here in the Northwest to avoid contact with wet soil because they will be heavy with beans and fall onto the ground by September when it’s harvest time.  My bean grower friend Dana Illo introduced me to this variety years ago as she sang her bean-y praises.   We grew them as part of our Vashon Seed Project bean variety trail and they were fabulous!  Give them a try!  


Packet- 1 oz ~ 60 seeds

3 oz- $7.00