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Black Turtle Dry Bush Bean

Black Turtle Dry Bush Bean


Phaseolus vulgaris


85 days to maturity


Small seeded and abundant Black Turtle is my go-to Black Bean for large harvests and ease of cooking.  The small size makes them cook up quickly and the flavor is spot on for all of your Black bean dishes.  No staking or trellis needed for these.  Never tried growing your own dry beans?  It’s so worth it!  The flavor is noticeably better than older store bought dry beans.  They cook faster and have a bolder flavor.  Maybe this is the year for you to try it!   Plant when soil has warmed in Early May.  Harvest the pods when plants are brown and crispy and the beans inside are dry enough to not leave an indentation with your thumbnail. Enjoy threshing with friends and family!  It’s hard to resist a bowl full of bean pods waiting to be opened.  


Packet- 1 oz ~ 60 seeds

3 oz- $8.00


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