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Healing Blend

Healing Blend


Ingredients: Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Mint, Milky Oat Tops, dried Elderberries, Calendula petals


Nutritive and supportive to the body systems and the soul. I strive to create tea blends that are healing in their properties as well as their beauty.  Plants heal on many levels and herbal teas are a wonderful way to deepen your relationship to the special leaves, flowers, and fruits of the land.  This blend is best steeped for 30 minutes or more to receive the full benefits of these healing herbs. Steep 1 tablesppon per cup.  I like to steep 1/3 cup of Healing Blend per quart of water in a french press for 30 minutes or more. 


All ingredients grown and harvested on Wild Dreams Farm. 

Bag contains 1 ounce



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