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Orlaya White Finch

Orlaya White Finch


Orlaya grandiflora


Flat, 3” wide lacey white flowers that continuously bloom with a cut and come-again habit. The more you harvest the more flowers the plant will make!  Wonderful addition to bouquets.  The flowers also form interesting green seed pods after flowers fade. Some growers say Orlaya can deter aphids.  Will reseed, but not too aggressively. 9-12” spacing.  Can tolerate light frosts and are best sown early spring during cool temps.  65-70 days to maturity. 


Grown by Alyssa O'Sullivan at Sweet Alyssum Farm on Vashon Island. 


Start in Fall and Early Spring to get earlier blooms in the Spring.  Transplant or or direct sowing works well too, 


Packet contains ~20 seeds




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