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Artemisia vulgaris


Grows up to 7 feet tall.  Dreamy scent, deep green leaves with silvery undersides,  Mugwort is a sacred plant to many.  I love to sit in their shade and take break from the hot summer sun.  Mugwort has a vast history of spiritual, cultural, culinary, and medicinal uses.  Enjoy getting to know them!  Will self sow.  Perennial.


Sowing instructions:  can be sown in Spring or late Summer.  Sow in the garden or in pots to transplant.  Slow to germinate- takes up to 3 weeks.  


Please consult your favorite resources for the medicinal uses and energetic qualities of this plant. 


**Seeds Grown by Reisha Beck of Wayside Botanicals**


Packet contains~100 seeds




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