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Mid East Peace Cucumber

Mid East Peace Cucumber


Cucumis sativus


60 days to maturity


Bred by Alan Kapular of Peace Seeds in Oregon, this wonderful versatile cucumber has been my favorite since I first trialed it years ago.  It’s a North African/Mediterranean type with light green smooth skin.  The divine cucumber flavor doesn’t change as the fruits grow larger as the skin is thin and never bitter.  The plants are vigorous, viney,  downy mildew resistant-even in a hoophouse- and delightfully prolific.  I’ve pickled them, and eaten them fresh and there’s nothing this fruit can’t do!  Plus the name feels like a prayer each time I sow them in the earth so thank you for that Dr. Kapular. 


Direct sow after soil has warmed in late Spring. 


Packet 1 gram ~30 seeds

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