Coral Sorghum

Coral Sorghum


Sorghum bicolor


Days to maturity: 80+


Sow when soils have warmed in early May. This is an amazing pinkish red sorghum that stands out big time in the garden! The brooms grow 5-7 feet tall and ripen in late September. It is ornamental as well as an edible grain. This seed is from Experimental Farm Network and they trace this variety to Malakal, South Sudan.


They say “From the Shilluk people of the war-torn city of Malakal, South Sudan, this is a beautiful sorghum with many uses. The large purple grains (which fade toward brown with age) can be popped like popcorn, boiled or steamed like rice or barley, ground into flour, brewed into beer, or cracked and cooked like polenta. Harvested when the grains are still green, they can be hand-threshed and cooked almost like a green vegetable (akin to sweet corn), producing a chewy, sweet, savory delight. This preparation is considered a delicacy in South Sudan. (In India, green sorghum is called "ponk" and is combined with chickpea flour to make special fritters.)”


Rare: Packet contains ~50 seeds