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Black Milo Sorghum

Black Milo Sorghum


Sorghum bicolor


Days to maturity: 70+


Harvest large seed heads from 7’ tall plants in late August. This amazing plant in the Sorghum family is relatively new to me. They are easy to grow, the leaves are very corn like, and the seed heads are striking in the garden. The stalks are narrow so they sway and move in the wind. You can grind the seed into a flour or meal for baking but be sure to leave a few seed heads out for our friends the birds. The seeds also pop like popcorn. This type does well in the Northwest as I harvested about 5 lbs of seed from twenty plants!  Original seed from Siskyou Seeds in Southern Oregon.  Direct sow these easy to grow seeds in spring.


Packet contains ~150 seeds

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