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The Seeds Remind us...

To embrace the Loving Dark. That birth and growth come from time spent underground. The Darkness is here for you, to wrap arms around you, to hold you and to provide the space for your new year to germinate. Seeds are a part of my spiritual practice so that I may keep learning to embody the cyclical wisdom held in each and every one. I keep them on my seasonal alters, find them in my pockets, and grow special plants to harvest the seeds just for this purpose. I am drawn to different Fava beans, Runner Beans, and Black Beans because they are stunning, feel like a friend in my hand, and evoke hearty sustenance. Maybe you'd like to try this too? What Plant or Seed evokes Beauty for you? Reminds you of your Ancestors? Makes you smile or is part of a special meal you make? Blessings on your Solstice Evening. xoxo Jen

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