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Announcing the 2023 Farm Workshops

I am thrilled to announce the 2023 line up of workshops at Wild Dreams Farm. Our intention is to create guided learning circles that will deepen your knowledge and affirm your connection to the Living World as you work with plants in a vibrant farm setting. Click HERE to go straight to the website to what's on offer.
These on farm workshops began last year as a way to collaborate with my talented friends and bring people together to learn and create. I loved it so much! These collaborations bring to life what is possible when we gather, bring our creative spirits and connect with one another and the land.
This year's workshops are, once again, plant and art centered. From Nature Connection through Drawing Plants with Annie Brule, Frottage Plant Transfer with Yoshi Nakagawa, and several Indigo Dye workshop options with Monica Wilson and Emily Tzeng, we will be inspired by the plant world growing both on and off the farm. Make block prints with Linda Moore, learn about seed saving with me, Jen Williams, or attend the very popular Fresh Indigo and Bundle Dye class, also with Monica Wilson. Let the beauty of plants and joy of creativity bring us together!
Last year at one of the Botanical Dye workshops with Monica, I witnessed a moment that took my breath away. I looked around and everyone was silently working on their silk pieces, placing flowers, moving colors, being fully present in the moment. The birds were chirping, insects buzzing, a breeze tender in the air as we prepared our projects to be rolled up and steamed in the pot. The silent creative energy was palpable and several folks spoke to this same moment at the end of the day in our closing circle. The feelings of joy that arise when we gather together as a learning circle are potent and affirm the power of creating art with plants and each other. Me and the artist collaborators hope to bring this joy to life again this Summer with those of you who choose to join us!
For me personally, I am learning that creating-whether it’s color on cloth, writing, or a deeper relationship with plants and seeds- is an antidote to feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of all that is. I truly believe that making art and crafting beauty are powerful forms of resistance to the dominant culture of faceless, extractive capitalism. When I orient my life towards growing food and seeds, making beautiful things with plants and gathering with people, I know deep down that this is a critical piece of the way forward. We are building a future of connection.
Part of the beauty of the on farm workshops is the connection built between the folks who show up. We start the day by sitting on stumps in a circle to introduce ourselves. We get to know one another as we learn and practice the skills being offered. We share a meal together, end the day with gratitude, and experience a feeling of connection to the whole.
I hope you’ll look through these offerings and find one that sparks something in you. These women are talented artists, experienced teachers, and wonderful human beings. I am honored and grateful to collaborate with them as we put these workshops out into the world with the hope that something positive will come from our time as we work, learn, and create together.
The cost, days, and length of each workshop varies depending on the materials. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and equity we are offering BIPOC scholarships for each workshop. There is no application- only a desire to attend. Please email jennifer@ to claim your spot. Please email me with any questions or concerns and I hope to see you at the Farm this Season!

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