2022 On Farm Workshops

This year I am thrilled to team up with several talented friends to

offer on-farm experiences and learning opportunities.  Our intention is to create guided learning

circles that will deepen your knowledge and affirm your connection to the living world as you

work with plants in new ways and old in a vibrant farm setting. 

     I am also hosting three Foundations of Seed Saving workshops to

inspire anyone interested in saving seeds this season.  


All workshops take place at Wild Dreams Farm. 

They include a light snack, tea, and a farm tour. 

We will gather rain or shine so please dress accordingly to be comfortable.  

Sign up for individual workshops using the Event Bright link.

Email me at jennifer@wilddreamsfarm.org with questions or concerns. 

May 1st:                  Blacksmith A Garden Tool with Hannah Hirsekorn
                                                         (SOLD OUT!) 


Try your hand at shaping metal and learn the process of simple, effective garden tool making with artist Hannah Hirsekorn. Iron is a crucial component of plants, blood and the cosmos. This workshop will dive into the interconnected world of iron and blacksmithing.  You will leave the workshop with your hand made new tool and a deeper reverence for this earth element.  Limited to six participants.   

Hannah Hirsekorn  (hannah-hirsekorn) is a fabricator, herbalist, teacher, interspecies social practice artist, enthusiast of cowboy style fonts, educator, seed collector and lover of bones. Her curiosity in natural phenomena combined with an investment in the health of the planet have been the driving forces for her ecological and community focused art practice and has guided her overall approach to life.

Cost including materials is $85.  

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 August 6th: (SOLD OUT!)   Fresh Leaf Indigo and Bundle Dying with                                                                         Monica Wilson       
Additional Date of August 13th added!  Register Below:  

monica 2.jpeg

Come play in the garden! Create color on two silk scarves for you to take home and enjoy.

First we will learn the art of bundle dyeing, collecting flowers straight from the garden. We will talk about how to prepare fiber for dyeing as well as demonstrate the other steps.

While one scarf is steaming we will collect fresh indigo and use the leaves to dye another silk scarf.

Using indigo leaves, salt and pressure the green leaves will become a teal blue on your fabric. A magical process to do and watch. There will be time to chat, drink tea and take in the farm and garden.  No experience necessary. Come have fun creating color!

Monica is a  creative mother of 3, hair stylist, garment sewist and natural dye enthusiast. She is a lifelong learner who entered the world of natural dyes a few years ago and hasn't looked back. Combining her love of textiles, sewing, gardening and simple living, natural dyeing continues to inspire and teach her as well as offering an outlet for her creative passion. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and artistic journey with others.


Cost including materials is $85 

To register for the ADDITIONAL DATE Saturday August 13th 

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Household Herbalism: The People's Medicine Series

                                     May 7th:  Create your Home Apothecary starting with                                                                   Spring Herbs, Teas, and Oxymels

New Rachel.jpeg

Come join Rachel Sursely, folk herbalist and medicine maker at Deerfern Herbals, www.deerfernherbals.com,  for a four hour hands on herbal workshop, aimed to get you started creating your own home apothecary.   This class will give you the confidence to begin gathering plant knowledge to support your well being and the well being of the ones you love.  In this workshop you will learn the basics of growing, harvesting, foraging, drying and storing herbs.

We will get to know a few nourishing Spring plants including their medicinal properties, how to use them, and how to make potent and effective teas, infusions and decoctions.  We will harvest Spring nutritive herbs and make a Spring Oxymel to take home. We will practice connecting with plants through a plant sit meditation.

All of this will take place at here at Wild Dreams Farm and Seed www.wilddreamsfarm.org. surrounded by emerging Spring plants and held in circle and connection by Rachel and Jen. This class is the first in a series of three Household Herbalism: The People's Medicine workshops planned for 2022.

Please Bring: a notebook/journal with you and go home with inspiration, your own hand made medicines, and the confidence to deepen your home herbal practice.

Cost includes all materials, a farm based lunch and farm grown tea.



Cost including materials is $85

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Saturday June 18th: Herbal Oils


Herbals oils are one of  the simplest, effective and most versatile of herbal home remedies and my very favorite to work with and create. Across cultures and throughout time, people have used herbal oils for healing, food, skin care, ritual and ceremony.  Come join Rachel Sursely in this four hour workshop and learn the basics as well as the nuances of making potent and effective herbal oils.  In this workshop you will learn different methods of making herbal oils,  their benefits, and how and when to use them. 


This is a hands-on class.  We will make a salve as well as an herbal oil for you to take home and tend to. My intention is that you leave this class with the confidence to practice making your own herbal oils and salves and the inspiration to incorporate them into your life to support your wellness and the wellness of those you love. 

10 AM- 2PM

Cost including materials is $110

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Sunday August 14th: Tinctures, Elixers, and Herbs for the Nervous System


Information and registration coming soon! 

Foundations of Seed Saving Workshops

May 14th:   Plan to Save Seed this Season

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 4.27.47 PM.png

You want to save seed but you're not sure where to start?  Have you saved some seed but are not sure if is viable or cross pollinated with something?  Or do you have questions about how this whole wonderful seed making process works?  Then this the workshop for you!    

We will take a deep dive into the Botany and Basics of Seed Saving, how pollination, fertilization work, and how seeds are born.  We will also focus on the different growing needs and requirements that plants have as they get large and make seed. We will talk about any specific plants you have questions about and leave with a plan to save their seeds. 


This is a great time to think about what you have growing in your garden now and plan to save seeds from a few favorites this Summer and Fall so come and get information and inspiration from a group of seed lovers.  

Includes light lunch, farm grown tea, and farm tour.  


10 AM-1PM

Cost is $30 

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In an attempt to make this information accessible I am keeping the cost of each workshop low. If $30 is too much please email me and I will offer you a no cost spot no questions asked.  And if you have extra resources and can afford to pay more feel free to donate through Venmo or Paypal @Wilddreamsfarm to cover the true cost.   

   August 7th:  How and When to Harvest Seeds


This workshop is all about what to look for and when to harvest various vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.   We will talk about the fundamental signs to look for as well as best practices and strategies for both wet seeded crops like tomatoes and dry seeded crops like beans and peas and most flowers.  Perennials will be covered as well.

The hands on portion of this workshop will focus on harvesting various different dry flower seeds and wet tomato seeds!  We will talk about dry seeded crops and go into the flower field and harvest various different flower seeds. Then we will go over wet seeded crops like tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of the best seeds to start with as saving and replanting your own seed will quickly result in climate adaptations, earlier ripening and better overall health.  I will demo the harvest and fermentation process needed to save seeds from tomatoes large and small.  Take tomato seeds home or bring some from your garden to save!    

I am always happy to answer questions on other seed related topics so bring your curiosity!


Includes light lunch, farm grown tea and farm tour.  


Cost $30

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                  September 10th:  Thresh, Clean, and Store your Seeds


Threshing, drying, cleaning and storage are essential for the longevity of your seeds. This workshop will focus on these essential pieces of the process at the end of the seed cycle. We will thresh a batch of seed together then I will demonstrate several home scale seed cleaning techniques. I will also demo the amazing Winnow Wizard seed cleaning tool sure to blow your mind!  Finally, we will talk about storage and how to keep your seeds tucked in over the winter and ready for next Spring's Seed Share and growing season.

Bring seed that needs cleaning if you have it!

I am always happy to answer questions on other seed related topics so bring your curiosity!


Includes light lunch, farm grown tea and farm tour.


Cost: $30

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