Zinnia, Magic Bus

Zinnia, Magic Bus


Zinnia elegans


80 days to maturity


This genetically diverse mix comes from Wild Garden Seeds and is sure to thrill and awe.   The brightly colored flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but are uniform in their wonder.  I had many people mistake them for dahlia’s they were so big!  Offering genetically diverse seed mixes give you the grower the chance to experience a wide range of what a Zinnia can be.  Can be cut as fresh flowers and in the case of most flowers, the more you harvest the more the plant will give.  Isn’t that amazing.  Sow when soils have warmed in late Spring or Early Summer.  Blooms last until late September.  This is an OSSI Pledged variety.  Please click here to learn more about Open source plant breeding.  


Packet ~50 seeds