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Sweet Lorane Fava Bean

Sweet Lorane Fava Bean


Vicia faba


120+ days to maturity 


Small seeded fava beans are typically sown only as a cover crop but this type can do double duty as it will both build soil over the winter and offer up a harvest of the dry beans suitable for eating the following Summer!  Plant in late October or early February to get them going in cool weather.  Leave them to grow and fix nitrogen and feed your soil microbiome until mid July when the plants have dried down and the fava beans are dry in the pods.  Aphids can be an issue as the weather warms in July so keep a look out and spray them off with a hose.  The beans can then be cooked and used as you would dry beans.


Vashon Seed Grower Network Variety:  Grown at Matsuda Farm


Packet 1 oz ~ 50 seeds

4 oz-$8.00



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