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Rosy Pink Blush Zinnia Mix

Rosy Pink Blush Zinnia Mix


Zinnia elegans


All the pinks are represented in this very diverse Zinnia mix.  Smaller 2” blooms in such a wide variation make this Zinnia wonderful to harvest.  No two are alike!  Gets 4’ tall.  Likes warmth and sun.  This wonderful color mix initally comes from Grand Prismatic Seed company.  They call it "Another Word for Pink" Zinnia.  I love the name they started with and I added my own twist.  I don't see this flower as a breeding project where I am trying to select for a specific color or trait down the road but any grower sure could!  I love the mix and plan to keep it this way, letting the pollen and genes wander how they choose.  


Direct sow or transplant in warm soils of May.  Seed ¼” deep and thin to 12”.  70 days to maturity


Packet contains ~40 seeds


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