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Lupinus polyphyllus

I love lupine. I love the tiny tiny lupine that grow in the alpine regions and the larger lupine that grow near the ocean. I love the leaves and how after a dewy night or a morning rain, a large drop of water collects in the center of the compound leaves. I love watching huge bumblebees dance around the small entrances to the flowers to collect pollen. They grow large purple and white spike shaped flower clusters that will make you gasp and wonder how something so beautiful is even possible.


Lupine are perennial, grow 2-3 feet tall and larger around. They are leguminous and fix nitrogen where they grow. I plant them around fruit trees to create a barrier to grass, attract pollinators, and fix nitrogen for the tree.  The seeds are easy to collect as they dry down in small pods that look like peas. Be sure to get some before they curl and drop the seed to the ground.


The seeds are straightforward to start but have a naturally low germination rate.  Cover with soil in spring either in a pot or in the earth and wait 7-10 days for germination. As the years pass they will grow larger so be sure to give them room.  65 Days to maturity




Packet contains ~15 seeds.

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