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Foundations of Seed Saving: Seed Cleaning and Storage

Foundations of Seed Saving: Seed Cleaning and Storage


Hand On Seeds Part II:  Thresh, Clean, and Store your Seeds

Saturday, September 16th 10am-1:30pm


The focus of this workshop will be seed cleaning.  How do you get the chaff out of your seed?  How much do you need to remove?  Threshing, drying, cleaning and storage are essential for the longevity of your seeds. This workshop will focus on these essential stages of the process at the end of the seed cycle.


We will thresh a batch of seed together as we utilize several home scale seed cleaning tools and techniques. I will also demo the amazing Winnow Wizard seed cleaning tool sure to blow your mind! 


Finally, we will talk about storage and how to keep your seeds tucked in over the winter and ready for next Spring's Seed Share and growing season.

Bring seed that needs cleaning if you have it!

This workshop compliments Hands On Seeds Part I but it is not necessary to have attended Part I to come to Part II.  


Cost $30- No one turned away for lack of funds


​About Jen:

Jen Williams is the steward of Wild Dreams Farm and Seed. Jen has been growing food, flowers and medicines on this land for over 20 years. Jen is passionate about connecting to the Earth through plants and seeds. She has taught children and adults in outdoor learning experiences for over 10 years at the Vashon Wilderness Program, Family Link program, and various on farm workshops.

I teach and explain what I have learned about seed saving based on my direct experience and relationship with the plants, the words and experiences of my many Seed mentors, and my reading about this ancient art form. I am always happy to answer questions on other seed related topics so bring your curiosity!

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