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Foundations of Seed Saving: Beginning Botany

Foundations of Seed Saving: Beginning Botany


Sunday June 11th 10AM-1:30PM


Beginning Botany, Taxonomy, and How to Save Seeds in your                                                        Garden or Farm with Jen Williams


This workshop will focus on the fundamental concepts that underpin seed saving and plant breeding.  We will discuss topics like Pollination, Fertilization and how seeds come to be.  We will learn taxonomy and plant family relationships and why these are important to the seed saver.  We will talk about WHY it is important to save seeds and which seeds to start with.  We will demystify cross pollination and take the fear out of saving seeds. You can and should save seeds if you have the desire! 

Also, I will share what I am learning about decolonial and nonbinary Botany as the thinking behind western scientific words and understandings is rightfully challenged by folks with different perspectives.  I highly value people in the Botanical world doing the work to highlight inaccuracies and injustices.  I will do my best to bring forth what I am learning and talk about how to find out more.  

This workshop is for you if you want to know more about how seeds come to be and want to start or continue to save seeds with an understanding of how the process works.  There will be pictures!  There will be charts!  There will be plants, flowers, and story sharing.  Beginners are welcome!! 

As June is early in the seed saving season, the hands-on portion of this day will be focused on making selections: walking through the beds and finding the best plants to save seed from and the worst that may be pulled out or rogued.  You will have time to take what you learn and bring it into your own garden or farm as you plan your seed saving this year.  

This is the only class where I will delve deeply into these concepts.  The other two will focus more directly on seed harvesting, threshing, and cleaning.  It is not necessary to attend all three workshops.



Cost: $30 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds


About Jen:

Jen Williams is the steward of Wild Dreams Farm and Seed. Jen has been growing food, flowers and medicines on this land for over 20 years. Jen is passionate about connecting to the Earth through plants and seeds. She has taught children and adults in outdoor learning experiences for over 10 years at the Vashon Wilderness Program, Family Link program, and various on farm workshops.

I teach and explain what I have learned about seed saving based on my direct experience and relationship with the plants, the words and experiences of my many Seed mentors, and my reading about this ancient art form. I am always happy to answer questions on other seed related topics so bring your curiosity!


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