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Spring Renewal

This is my outdoor alter with a beautiful bird bath and a place to sprinkle seeds both large and small for the creatures to come and feast. I can see it from my desk in my office space and I love it. It is visited daily by the Jays, the Robins, the Spotted Towhees, the Dark Eyed Junco's and other usual suspects. Yesterday a flock of Pine Siskens landed in the Cottonwood Tree above the alter and I was treated to a feast of sounds as they loudly called to one another and conversed with a solo Robin. Someone even left that old Hazelnut shell in the pool of water overnight.

The elements of water and seed bring them to this place as well as bring me back to life this time of year. With all of the unknowning all around all the time, Spring reveals a deeper truth. The Earth will turn, the Sun will grow stronger, the plants and insects and frogs and birds will call to each other, make homes and have babies all around us and the cycle of life will continue. I am so relieved.

The Garden is where I go to feel this Renewal. How about you? Do you have what you need to grow peace, love, and understanding in your garden this year? Do you have plans to welcome the birds, insects, and all of life closer to your doorstep? I hope that the seeds grown with such care on our farm have the opportunity to be part of your world. Visit the Website and get your order in while the ground warms in waiting for the seeds of the future to be planted.

xoxo Jen

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