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Pass Around the Seeds

Hey Friends, As I spend the days harvesting, threshing, and cleaning seeds it's time to pass on what I've packaged this year to make room for the new. It feels like a form of seasonal renewal to me. Not "out with old in with the new" but more like an offering of gratitude to this community and for the abundance of the earth.

As the Equinox season invites me to contemplate balance, I feel it is important to find more balance in the ways in which I distribute seeds. I grow and tend plants and seeds with love and my highest value is that they live on and be used. That they be grown by others and tended with love and care. The seeds do no service sitting in jars and packets in my seed room! They want and need to go out into the world.

I plan to gift as many as I can to community groups, non profits, or any other kind of organization who could use seeds in their garden, farm or growing project. Please contact me via email if your group or a group you know of would like free seeds.

I am also having a Seed Sale! 40% off all seeds packaged for 2022 with the code FALLSALE when you order on the website. I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity if it fits your needs.

Here's to finding Balance in our lives,


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